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Aug 7, 2013 2:00am EDT
from the university of texas, in which affirmative action survived by a hair. i am persuaded that by that the decision the supreme court is setting up the law to strike down racial diversity as a compelling justification for race conscious affirmative action programs. but taken together i think we can say three things about each of those events or images, each of which offers us an approach on to the state of black politics in the united states today. about that supreme court decision in his opinion for the court, the chief justice, justice roberts says it's something that i do not think could have been set 50 years ago and would not have been set 50 years ago by a member of the u.s. supreme court. there is a moment in the opinion in which he frankly admits that racial discrimination in american life, particularly here in the voting excess and goes on to say no one denies that. yet by the end of the opinion, what he has given us is a legal judgment, the reading of the constitution, which effectively says racial discrimination exists. no one denies it and we don't care. so we are livi
Aug 1, 2013 2:00am EDT
enter into the record a story from the npr that references democratic house members from texas who wrote president obama urging that the house approach be preserved in the final bill. >> without objection. and also i would like to introduce into the record a letter from u.s. representative and six of his colleagues to my democratic colleagues. >> without objection. >> basically this letter is describing where in texas this of this problem and suggested that -- they urged the president of the house approach should be preserved. leaders in their state oppose the bill and there will not bother to create an exchange leaving uninsured state residents with no way to benefit from the new law. so it was not an accident that federal exchanges were left out as was suggested. for him to suggest that you, mr. adler, and the others on this panel are just engaging in self-defeating span were looking to buy the glitch to bring this of kellogg down, would you disagree with that? >> as i mentioned before, i first heard about these provisions in the law before i was aware of the way that these provi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2